Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Welcome to ANZATSA

The Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse is dedicated to community protection and safety through the promotion of professional standards, practices, and education in sexual abuse prevention, assessment, intervention and research. ANZATSA is committed to community protection and safety. When considering case management or intervention we hold the interest and safety of victims and potential victims, as always the priority.

ANZATSA recognises that the diverse indigenous cultures and people of Australia and New Zealand occupy a special place as the original cultures and people of both countries. Our members carry out their work in ways appropriate to and respectful of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia and Torres Strait Islands and the Maori peoples of Aotearoa (New Zealand). This includes consulting with, working alongside, and sharing resources with Indigenous peoples.

ANZATSA members do not discriminate against clients with regard to race, religion, gender identity, sexual preference or disability. Instead, our members seek to perform professional duties with the highest level of integrity, maintaining confidentiality within the scope of statutory responsibilities.

ANZATSA has approximately 200 members across Australia and New Zealand who work for government departments, NGO's, or in private practice. Members work within the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, social work, child protection, abuse prevention, child education, community education, and professional education.

ANZATSA promotes collegial networks, knowledge sharing, and advancing work in the prevention of sexual abuse. ANZATSA offers regular professional development events for members and colleagues, including seminars, workshops, and a biennial conference.


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